Copyright on Kapwing

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Projects sometimes include audio, images, or videos that have a creator who owns the rights to them, so it is possible to infringe on somebody else's copyright when creating a project. However, many media projects fall under the fair use doctrine which allow creators to use copyrighted work in certain situations. Some things fair use takes into account are:

  • The purpose of the use,
  • The amount of the work to be used,
  • The effect of the use on the market for or value of the original work, and
  • The nature of the copyrighted work. If you are using a template or Kapwing's image search, which uses Google search to find images, your creation may fall under fair use but there is no guarantee that the images or videos are copyright or royalty free.

For audio, tracks from Pixabay are royalty free, but some tracks from Pixabay can be flagged on YouTube as copyrighted which is outside our control. If this occurs, you can clear the claim following steps provided by Pixabay.

This help center article should not be a substitute for actual legal advice, so please use your best judgment and/or consult a legal expert if you are still uncertain.