How Do I Switch the Email Linked to My Kapwing Account?

How Do I Switch the Email Linked to My Kapwing Account?

Access your account settings to switch your email sign in linked to your account (shown as option 1 or 2 in the image) and select the edit option next to the email address currently linked to the account.

Screenshot of user account setting page

Enter the desired email address and select 'Change Email'.

Screenshot of edit page to enter new email address

A confirmation code will be sent to the new email address.

Screenshot of the emailed code to complete email address change

Retrieve the access code from your email, enter the verification code and select 'Submit Confirmation Code'.

Screenshot of email confirmation code entry page to confirm change

You will receive a confirmation pop up and the new email address immediately reflected within your account settings.

Screenshot of the confirmation that the email address was changed successfully

If you need to switch to email to share your folder with someone else, you can share your folder instead to collaborate with others in real time.