My Video is “Unlisted" on Kapwing. What Does That Mean?

My Video is “Unlisted" on Kapwing. What Does That Mean?
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What is an "Unlisted" video?

"Unlisted" is the default setting for content created on Kapwing, which means content is accessible to anyone who has the link or video ID. This is done through link sharing; either initiated by the project creator or someone who was the recipient of the link.

Is my content being broadcasted to the Public?

"Unlisted" content on Kapwing is not easily searchable. Others may only view your content if they have the link or access to the video ID. This is similar to YouTube’s “Unlisted” feature.

How do I make my content private?

If you do not want your content to be Unlisted on Kapwing, you can:

  1. Delete your content from Kapwing
  • You can delete your content at any time by going to your Workspaces and clicking under your video.


Upgrade to a Kapwing Pro plan and set your content to "Private". You can manage your privacy settings in this way to ensure that only you or other creators working in the same Workspace can see your content. You can alter your settings so that they only apply to a specific video or that they become the standard for all projects.

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