Kapwing Staff

Kapwing Staff

Kapwing January 2023 Release Notes

New animated subtitle styles, filter for royalty-free assets, and more!

How Do I Download My Subscription Invoice?

You need to download your receipts? Learn how to do that in this article!

Why can’t I hear my project’s audio?

Sometimes, when users encounter playback issues, particularly dealing with audio, we recommend checking your browser settings to ensure that you approve media and sound playback for Kapwing.

Why have I lost changes to my project?

The Kapwing video editor saves your progress every few minutes while you are editing but requires a working internet connection to do this.

Editor Troubleshooting Tips

As a browser based editor, Kapwing leverages the power of

How to use Brand Kit and Brand Templates in Kapwing

Consistency is key when it comes to creating content. This means creators need simple tools, like Brand Kits and Templates, to help create content quickly. Read on to learn how you can use Brand Kits and Brand Templates on Kapwing to streamline your editing process.

How to use Comments in Kapwing

Feedback is essential in collaboration work. Read on to find out how you can streamline the feedback process in your Kapwing projects by leaving comments.

Kapwing December 2022 Release Notes

Animated subtitles, longer export limit for premium users, and more!

Kapwing November 2022 Release Notes

Text styles, Smart Cut for audio, and more!

Kapwing October 2022 Release Notes

Workspace notifications, Magic Subtitle transitions, Media Library search, and more!