Kapwing Staff

Kapwing Staff

Kapwing September 2023 Release Notes

Thousands of copyright-free sounds, workspace search, and more!

Kapwing August 2023 Release Notes

Enhance Image, Script to Video, Article to Video, and more!

Create with Kapwing's AI Script to Video Generator

Kapwing's AI Script to Video Generator will transform your existing script into video within seconds. Save yourself time from gathering content and let our AI tools take care of it for you.

About Kapwing's AI Script Generator

Kapwing's AI-powered Script Generator creates an engaging script for your next video from scratch. Just enter a short prompt and let our AI Script Generator create for you.

How to Use the Kapwing AI Video Generator

Kapwing's AI Video Generator instantly transforms your ideas into video in a matter of seconds. Access the AI Video Generator and other AI tools within Kapwing Studio by clicking the lightbulb icon in the top bar at any time.

Kapwing July 2023 Release Notes

Magic Fill and more!

How to Use Trim with Transcript in Kapwing

Edit videos simply by editing text using Kapwing's Trim with Transcript AI feature.

Kapwing June 2023 Release Notes

Trim with Transcript, Auto Image Overlays, Pop Art subtitles, Text to Speech, and more!

Kapwing May 2023 Release Notes

Subtitle transitions, updated export flow, and more!

Kapwing April 2023 Release Notes

Kapwing AI, subtitler improvements, and more!