Video Usage At Startups: A Report

Video Usage At Startups: A Report

November 27, 2018 -- Today, Wistia and Kapwing publish a co-authored report on “Video Usage At Startups”. In the last several months, Kapwing surveyed 132 startup founders about their use of video for business purposes and partnered with Wistia to publish the insights. The report details their insights:

  • Video marketing is a popular medium among small companies: More than 85% of founders have made at least one video for business purposes. The most popular video type is a product demo, followed by an application video for an accelerator program.

  • Video production is still expensive and time consuming: Almost all respondents (92%) reported pain points with video editing and creation. 30% complained about how time consuming and complex leading video software is, and 20% mentioned expense as a primary concern.

  • Founders sometimes publish footage directly: Almost half of startup founders (47%) have published video directly from their smartphone with no edits at all.

Data was collected over four months in the summer of 2018. Every respondent was a current founder and C-level executive of an incorporated business. Most of the surveyed startups (60%) had 1-5 employees.

Read more about the methodology and results in the full report, “Video Usage At Startups

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