How to make a video collage with Kapwing

How to make a video collage with Kapwing

Kapwing recently added the Collage Maker to it’s online video editing toolkit. Like the Filters and Meme Maker, our Collage Maker supports images, GIFs, and video, and it’s the only way to make a video collage online. In this post, I’ll describe how you can use the Collage Maker to make cool content for fun and profit.

How to make a video collage with Kapwing

With Kapwing, you can make a video collage instantly online. You don't need to download anything, register for an account, or pay us. Here's how it works:

Step 1
Open the Collage Maker at

Step 2
Choose a horizontal or vertical layout to get started.
Editor screenshot

Step 3
Upload videos, images, or GIFs to both sections of the collage. Choose your crop options: square, 9:16, or no crop.
Editor screenshot

Step 4
Click “Create!" to create the collage. You can download the output to share across platforms.

Like all Kapwing features, the Collage Maker is designed for speed and accessible from any device. For inspiration, check out some of these ideas for collages to make and share.

Types of Video Collages

Reaction clips
Upload your GIF/video reaction or copy and paste a link from Giphy or any other website. Play it on loop next to a video or image of the event you’re actually responding to.

<video style="max-width:100%; display:block;"src= autoPlay loop/>)

#TransformationTuesday Posts
Post original #TransformationTuesday content on social media by comparing your current photos to the “before” shots you took in the past, or create trailers of longer transformation videos you posted on YouTube. Also works well for #GRWM.

Who wore it, did it, said it better
Looking at situations side-by-side makes it easier to compare. Make a collage to decide who did it best.

Throwback: Recreate a childhood memory
Recreate a moment from your youth and place the original and recent shots side by side.

Awesome Snap or Instagram story
Using the 9:16 crop option, create a video that’s the perfect size for your Insta or Snap story.

Lyric or recipe alongside a video.
YouTube has some great lyric videos and recipes videos that you can play alongside a musical cover, performance, or cooking demonstration to create a video+text collage. Here’s an example with the lyrics of “As We Ran” by the National Parks.

Stack images, GIFs or hilarious short clips together to make memes out of multiple media. Show the action happen frame by frame or make funny comparisons to keep the lolz going.

Comparison of two product or moments.
Video collages are great for juxtaposing two products, stories, or moments to see how they’re the same and different. I made this Video Collage showing Shaun White’s gold medal halfpipe performance in 2010 and 2018, playing simultaneously.

Different perspectives of the same event.
Now that everyone has a camera, it can be cool, interesting, or funny to look at an event from multiple perspectives. Here’s a video someone made of two different vantage points on a Superbowl touchdown catch:

Extended collage with multiple frames
Create original video frames by mixing and matching the crop options and horizontal/vertical stacking on Kapwing and re-uploading the collages after you’ve made one. You can make 4x1, 1 with 4 horizontally beneath, and more combinations. Here’s a 2x2 example.

Before and after videos or images
Show an image or video of the before and after, like a haircut or a meal.

Split screen video
Place video footage side-by-side and split the screen. Works well for video interviews (show each speaker), tech demos (show the product on one side and the explainer on the other), presentations (show the presenter and the slide) and more. Here’s a snapshot of Eric and I explaining our Trendy Sound Effects feature:
Eric and Julia

YouTube or Instagram cover image
For a listicle video on YouTube, make a cover image that previews the highlights from your video. Compelling cover images can help attract clicks, views, and subscribers and can stick out on the Explore tab.

Multimedia collage
The Kapwing Collage Maker supports images, GIFs, and video, so you can put a video clip next to an image to grab a users interest before they watch the full video. I made this video collage of an image on the left and video close-up on the right featuring Margot Robbie’s dress:
Margot Robbie

We’re looking forward to seeing your collage creations roll in! As always, thanks for reading and always love to hear your feedback. Contact us at Keep following along on the blog as Eric and I grow Kapwing into the web’s premiere video editor for casual content.

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