Here at Kapwing, we are lucky to have many requests from talented writers and subject matter experts who want to contribute articles to our Resources Blog. We are so grateful for your interest! To help creators who wish to contribute to the Kapwing Resources Blog, we have created a set of guidelines for guest submissions.

Agreements for Submission

We accept original guest posts only. We will not post previously published articles to our blog, even those that have been “re-worked.” By submitting an article, you are guaranteeing that your work is 100% original, written by you, and has not been previously published.

You must have the rights to all images you include. By submitting images with your article, you are guaranteeing that Kapwing has the right to publish those images. We only accept original photos, illustrations, and screenshots.

We do not pay contributors to our blog. The benefits of writing for the Kapwing blog are good SEO exposure, community building, and an expanded portfolio. By sending in a submission, you are agreeing to have your work published without compensation.

Article Guidelines

Useful - Above all, articles on the Kapwing resources blog are for the benefit and education of our users. We do not accept pieces for publication unless they provide fresh, unique insight.

Related - All articles must include a direct Kapwing use case that is related to the submission topic. Include links to the Kapwing tools and articles referenced in your piece.

Well-Written - All pieces published on Kapwing must meet our editorial guidelines for grammar and clarity. Please thoroughly check your article for spelling and grammar before submitting it.

Concise - It is better to craft a short article that packs a punch than to publish a long and winding one. Articles must have at least 500 words, and may contain up to 2,000 words.

Original - Only original articles that have not been previously published are accepted. Articles must contain at least one original screenshot or photo. We prefer to publish posts written in the first person by subject matter experts. We appreciate your unique perspective and lived experience!


This article on Real Estate Videos and this article on How to Start a Travel Blog are great examples of successful guest blog posts.

How to Submit

Submit your blog proposals to [email protected] with the subject line "Guest Blog Submission." Your blog proposal should include at least 3 potential topics and include the Kapwing use case for each topic.

Once your topic has been approved, draft your article and send it as a Google Doc. Include a separate folder with your original article images. Do not include images that have not been created by you.