Blogs are an important part of any good marketing strategy. But are you getting the most out of your content? You can always look at other blogs for inspiration, but it's important to have a content creation process of your own. In this article, I will explain how to come up with blog post ideas to maximize your blog’s reach.

Blog About What You Know

What does your business do differently? How do you distinguish yourselves from your competitors? Write about the story behind important business decisions, particularly those that set you apart from the competition. Humanizing your brand makes it more trustworthy to your customers. Make a list of all of the interesting decisions leaders in the business have made, and use ideas from that list when your content is running dry.

One of the best sources of fresh content is current events. If you’re a marketer, you’re already monitoring trends in your industry. New regulations that might affect your business, viral news that’s relevant to your customers, and interesting PR stunts in the industry are all excellent sources of content. Make sure that you’re offering unique insight, and don’t be afraid to be a little bit controversial in your analysis of current events!

Capitalize on Guest Bloggers

Other content marketers will submit articles to you--don’t be afraid to publish them! This is a great way to cross-promote, and add content to your blog. The other big benefit of accepting guest bloggers is that you only have to edit the post rather than drafting an entirely new article. Keeping guest bloggers in your publication mix allows you to showcase new and different perspectives on your blog, creating a more valuable collection of content than you would otherwise have.

Use Your Customer Personas

Remember who it is that you’re creating content for--your current and potential customers. What are their needs and interests? What are they coming to your blog to find insights on? Brainstorm topics that your users are interested in, then find ways to write about those. If your target customers are college students and recent graduates, you could write articles about how to excel in your career, tips on how to network, and how to improve productivity. Being a resource for your customers is the best way to build trust with them.

Use Search Engine Optimization Both Ways

It’s always important to center your SEO strategy when creating content for your blog. For articles that you’ve already written, make sure that your article title and headings make it clear what question your article is going to answer. If you’re stuck on content ideas, you can reverse your SEO strategy; instead of writing an article and then optimizing it, consider browsing popular google searches and popular queries in your industry and try answering some of those questions through your blog.

Re-Work Old Content

Don’t forget that much of your old content is likely still relevant. Updating and reposting evergreen content is an excellent way to keep your blog active without having to write a brand new article every time. Reposting also allows you to share your best content with new visitors to your blog, who might not otherwise go back far enough in your archives to read it.


These are a few tips to help you through your blogging journey. Blogs are an incredibly useful marketing tool. When used correctly they can increase your search engine ranking, build customer trust, and establish you as an authority in your industry. Go forth and blog!

About the Author

Jens Wirdenius is the editor-in-chief and co-founder of and the influencer directory Veloce Network. He is a social media and marketing nut, sharing his passion for business and marketing in his articles.