What is This Charge from Kapwing?

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What is Kapwing?

Kapwing is an online in browser video editor. Our tools are completely free to use, but we do have some limitations that require upgrading to a paid plan, which is likely what you were charged for. Please read about our paid plans on our Pricing Page.

Is this a scam?

Nope! Kapwing is not a scam. We are a legitimate business with products that can be purchased.

I'm not using Kapwing, so why did I get charged?

Check if any immediate family, or anyone else who has access to your credit card is currently using Kapwing.

We see this question often when student users are using Kapwing for school and are prompted to upgrade, so they use their parents credit card and parents forget about it later on because it was another academic purchase. Students sometimes also do not realize that this is a recurring subscription, which also surprises the credit card owner when multiple chargers occur.

I thought I was using a free trial?

We offer all of our tools for free, so we don't have a free trial period. Users are either using a free plan or a paid plan, if they upgraded.

If you were using an account on our free plan, but you hit one of our limits, you may have been prompted to upgrade. When you are prompted to input your credit card information, you are actually signing up for a paid plan on Kapwing. We do not ask for your payment or credit card information when you're using a free account.

You can read more about the limits of each account and our subscription in this FAQ.

I thought I only paid for a one-time purchase, so why am I still being charged?

I'm sorry that you were surprised by the recurring billing. We strive to be very transparent at checkout that you are signing up for and agreeing to a monthly or annual auto-renew subscription.

No one around me is currently using Kapwing, I suspect this was a fraudulent charge.

Kapwing takes fraud seriously. If you believe that you've received a fraudulent charge, please contact us. We'll look into the charge for you and issue a refund if it was truly a fraudulent charge.