Kapwing November 2021 Release Notes

Kapwing November 2021 Release Notes

Last Updated: November 23rd, 2021

Release Notes are our monthly updates about the newest features and fixes on Kapwing! Our dedicated team releases updates every two weeks. This is a great place to learn about what has been improved, how to use it, and any known issues. This page is updated with each Kapwing release.

New Features

Website Updates

Templates Page

We have renamed our "Collections" page to "Templates". Now, this section of our website is dedicated to housing our fun and fabulous Templates.

What are Templates? Templates are pre-made structures that you can customize with your own content.

Account Settings

Reactivate Pro Plan

Did you previously cancel your Kapwing Pro Plan but change your mind? You can now reactivate your subscription by clicking "Reactivate Plan" in your Account Settings:

Media Sidebar

Preview Video

Now presenting, Kapwing's new and improved Preview Video feature. On Kapwing, you now have the ability to preview videos in the Media Sidebar before adding them to the Timeline. In the Preview experience, you can play the video with sound, seek to desired areas, and selectively trim to add specific segments of the video to the Timeline.

Check it out by clicking on the "Preview" button located in the top right corner of your asset's thumbnail in the Media Sidebar.

User clicks on Preview icon and trims video in the Preview Video window.

Filename Previews

Hovering over the filename of a media item in the Media Sidebar will now display the full filename, making it easier to work with multiple files with long names in a single project. Test it out by navigating to the Media Sidebar and hovering your cursor over the filename of one of your assets.

User hovers cursor over the name of an asset.

Edit Sidebar

We've made some exciting changes to the Edit Sidebar. You can find the Edit Sidebar by clicking on an asset and opening the "Edit" tab within the panel on the right side of the window.

User clicks on an asset in the Timeline to view the Edit Sidebar.

Trim Video

The trimming process on Kapwing just got a whole lot better with the new Trim Video window. Similar to the Preview Video experience, the Trim Video feature will allow you to view and trim your clip in a special window.

Navigate to the Edit Sidebar and then click on the "Trim" button within the "Video" section to open this tool. Within the Trim Video experience, you can trim your clip by dragging either end of the clip or by entering your desired timestamps in the "Start" and "End" Timing boxes. Click "Trim" to finalize your edits.

User opens the Trim Video window and trims their video.

Multi-Select Updates

You can now apply changes to multiple assets with the new and improved Multi-Select functionality on Kapwing. After selecting multiple layers in the Timeline or on the Canvas, you can now simultaneously update their speed, zoom, corner radius, rotation, and outline.

To multi-select your videos, hold down Shift on your key board while clicking on both assets, either on the Canvas or in the Timeline. Once your videos are selected (they will both have a yellow border around them in the Timeline) you can apply your modifications.

User selects two video clips and rounds the corners of them with the Corners tool in the Edit Sidebar.


Snip snip! Introducing our new Split icon. We’ve updated the Split icon to a pair of scissors for increased clarity for finding and using the Split tool.

Split button with scissors to the left of the word "Split".


Version History

Have you ever needed to access an older draft of your project? Now you can with our new Version History update. In the Export Video drop-down menu, you can click on Version History to now access older versions of your projects.

Export video arrow with "1" next to it and the Version History selection with "2" next to it to signify the steps to open the Version History window.

Within the Version History window, you can view the various versions of your project that Kapwing has saved and choose to save a copy of any of those versions to your Workspace by clicking the three dots and clicking "Copy project from this version".

User clicks on a time within the Version History window to see the different saved versions of their project.

Free User Duration Limits Extended

We have made some exciting changes to our free offerings on Kapwing. Now, Free Users will be able to export projects up to 30 minutes in duration. Projects longer than 5 minutes will now export with a Kapwing watermark which can be removed by upgrading to Kapwing PRO.

Pop up window that appears when a Free user is exporting a video over 5 minutes. It lists that videos over 5 minutes will export with a watermark on the Free plan and without a watermark on the Pro plan.