Kapwing July 2021 Release Notes

Kapwing July 2021 Release Notes

Last Updated: July 27, 2021

This page is updated with each Kapwing Release.


Updates to Adding Media Files

Preparing and uploading media for a project can oftentimes be time consuming. We've added various ways to make uploads more convenient.

Google Drive and Google Photos Integration

Users can now save time by directly uploading from Google Drive and Google Photos.

To use this feature:

  1. Click Google Drive or Google Photos.
  2. Authenticate your Google account to connect it to Kapwing uploads.
  3. Select your media to directly upload from Google Drive or Google Photos.

Seamless Navigation between Video, Image, and Elements Tabs

The options are endless when it comes to what files can be added to a project! Now you can seamlessly navigate between the Video, Image, and Elements to search for the perfect asset to add to your project.

To navigate, select the icons on the left or the text above the search bar.

Elements Tab

Add elements to your project to make engaging content! We have added more shapes, emojis, and plugins to help you customize and bring your content to the next level.

New Audio Sample Tracks

Audio can set the mood of a video so we've added free music tracks from Unminus.

To add a free audio track:

  1. Click the "Audio" icon to browse our selection of stock music.


You could find a template from our Collection or choose one while in the editor.

Upload Drop Zones

You can now choose between dragging and dropping to the Media Library or to the canvas.

Why did we add this? Sometimes you may want to upload a file but not use it immediately. Read more about our Media Library feature.

Playback Performance

Editing in the browser has its limitations and we are working on helping users preview drafts with accurate timing. To address this issue, videos that are larger than 360p will be automatically converted to a lower resolution for smoother playback in the editor.

Does this affect the quality of the video on Export? No! Only the preview may have reduced quality. The highest quality version will be used during Export.

After uploading, videos that are converted will show a loading indicator in the Media Library icon.

Hovering over the loading indicator will show a tooltip.

Sign In

Sign In With Email

To sign in using just your email, input your email and click "Continue with email".

After you submit your email, a security code will be sent to your email.

Copy and paste the code within 20 minutes to sign in.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

July 26, 2021

  • Improved accuracy of video preview immediately after play is clicked.

July 9, 2021

  • Improved preview of frame thumbnails on the Timeline when zooming in and out.

July 7, 2021

  • Fixed an issue where email address overlaps with the navigation bar.
  • Fixed an issue where using Wipe Animation on text changes the text color.
  • Fixed an issue where a subtitle that is added at the end of a scene has 00:00:00 start timestamp.

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