Sharing your Kapwing workspace allows you to collaborate with others in real time without giving away your log-in information!

To share your workspace:

1. Go to the workspace you want to share .
2. Click the "Share" button.
3. Type in the email of person you would like to share your workspace with.
4. Click "Send Invite" - an email invitation to your workspace will be sent,

Sharing by link:

1. Copy link
2. Send link to the user you want to share your workspace with

To gain access to your workspace, your collaborator needs to:

1. Open email from
2. Click "Join Now"
3. Sign in or create account by linking their Google or Facebook account
4. "Accept Invite" again after signing in

Accessing by link:

1. Click link
2. Click "Join Workspace"
3. Sign in or create account by linking their Google or Facebook account

That's it - they'll have access to the workspace that you shared with them to work on content with you!

Do keep in mind that once your workspace is shared, they will have access to all of the projects in that workspace. If you would like to create a separate workspace for collaborations, just click on "Create New Workspace" and invite your collaborator to that workspace.

Does Kapwing offer any enterprise plan or licensing for teams?

Yes! We're actually piloting a Kapwing for Teams plan. If you work at a creative company and want to enable your whole team to create content using Kapwing Pro, contact us for custom billing.

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