How to Delete Projects on Kapwing

How to Delete Projects on Kapwing

We do not offer a trash bin for projects but if you are on a Paid workspace you can create a "Trash" folder and move projects to that space. If you decide you truly no longer want a project or projects in your workspace here is how to delete them.

For deleting one project:

  1. Find the project you no longer want in your workspace
  2. Click the three dots icon
  3. Select “Delete”.

For deleting multiple projects:

1. Hover over one of the projects you want to delete to select the project at the top right corner

Project thumbnail with the top right button selected

2. Select the other projects as well  OR select all the projects in the folder (Mac: Command + A, Microsft: Ctrl + A)

3. On the bottom banner, click "Delete"

Bottom banner with "Delete" highlighted by a black box

Note: Deleting is a permanent action and deleted projects cannot be recovered.