Stranger Things 3 was filled with new adventures starring our favorite characters, some new faces, and of course some very meme-able content. If you've gotten a chance to watch the newest season on Netflix, check out our favorite memes from the show! ***No explicit spoilers, but watching the show is recommended to attain maximum enjoyment***

Alexei's Slurpee

A quickly beloved character from Stranger Things 3, Alexei and his love for the cherry slurpee captured the hearts of people across the world.


Three Inch Minimum

You don't want to cross Hopper, especially when Eleven is involved. In season 3, the Three Inch Minimum = the distance that El's door must stay open when she's *hanging out* with Mike. What do you wish there was a three inch minimum requirement for?


Can You Taste the Air

Robin and Steve taste the air for the first time in a while and couldn't be happier. We don't blame them, air does taste really good. Show your love for fresh air with this meme template.


Lucas Drinking Coke

There's a time and a place for everything. Unfortunately, Lucas didn't get the memo. During an intense moment, we catch him slurping a Coke at the supermarket, while everyone else stares in disbelief. Lucas doesn't really care though, and instead of putting the drink away, gives a [satisfied sigh]. This meme template is for life's absurd moments.


Oh I Can Fit

Have you ever tried to squeeze yourself into a 3ft by 3ft AC duct? Or perhaps you've felt the struggle of trying to button tight pants after an extra helping of dessert...either way, Erica's sassiness is the perfect way to describe being caught in a tight situation.


Robin's Whiteboard of Wisdom

This season of Stranger Things gave us Robin, a fierce and intelligent girl with a whiteboard of wisdom. Use this meme template to express an opinion, a universal truth, or anything else you want!


Happy and Sad Alexei

At the 4th of July carnival, Alexei goes from happy to sad and serious within seconds. We're not going to tell you why (#nospoilers), but feel free to emote with him by making this meme of a moment when you had a sudden realization.


Commence Operation Child Endangerment

This scene features Erika preparing to embark on a wild adventure, hence her statement to "commence Operation Child Endangerment". Good luck Erica, our fingers are crossed for you – in the meantime, we'll be making memes in your honor.


Subtitles Starter Pack

Congratulations, you made it to the end of this Stranger Things meme adventure. As a token of our appreciation for sticking with us to the end, here's a starter pack of hand-screenshotted subtitles to sum up the season:

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