Your iPhone X can say a lot about your personality, especially the lock screen. Nowadays, phones have become extensions of who we are. So, your lock screen is a great place to say something about yourself.

Apple makes it easy to change the lock screen with new pictures or photos from the camera roll. But, if you want a custom design, you’ll need to use a third party app. In this article, we’ll use the online editor, Kapwing, because you can access it in the browser without downloading anything. With this tool, you can make an iPhone X lock screen in a few steps:

  1. Gather Your Pictures
  2. Customize the Lock Screen
  3. Upload to your iPhone X
Custom iPhone Lock Screen Designs

1. Gather Your Pictures

First, gather the content you want to use in your lock screen. There’s two ways to do this. You can take a picture with your iPhone X camera or you can find images online. To get you started, we’ll break down the best practice for each method.

Take a Picture

It’s as easy as it sounds. Just open the Camera app on your phone and snap a vertical picture. If you want to take a live photo, tap the live icon above the original camera preview. Live photos will play on the lock screen when you tap and hold down.

If you’re satisfied with your picture and want to use it, open the photo and tap the iOS share icon at the bottom. Tap the ‘Use as Wallpaper’ button and then set it as your lock screen, home screen or both.

Find pictures on Unsplash

Unsplash gives you access to over 2 millions photos for free. If you have an idea for a cool lock screen but don’t have the image, look for it here. Let’s say you’re looking for a dragon picture. Just type “dragon” into the search box and look through the options.

Once you find one you want to use, open it then tap the ‘Download free’ button to save it to your phone. If you want, give a shout out to the artist for use of their photo. Again, if you want to use the photo as your lock screen, just open it, tap the iOS share icon and choose to ‘Use as Wallpaper.’

If you’d rather customize the photo before adding it as your lock screen, we’ll talk about that in the next step. Also, you can make a lock screen totally from scratch. I’ll show you how it’s done in the next section right now.

2. Customize the Lock Screen

For this step, we’ll be using the free online editor, Kapwing, because it’s free, available on any device and it makes complex editing tasks easy. To start, open the Kapwing studio on your browser and tap ‘Click to upload’ to submit your picture or paste in the link from Unsplash.

Before you make any edits, deselect the photo and click ‘Edit background.’ Inside, tap ‘Custom Size’ and set the width to 1125px and the height to 2436px. This ensures your picture is the perfect fit for the iPhone X screen.

Now, you can make changes with basic editing tools adjust, crop and erase. Tap your picture and click ‘Edit Image’ to access all the editing features. Also, this menu allows you to change the outline, rounded corners, rotation, animation and layer. Click the respective word to learn more about each one.

If you want to cut a subject from the photo, open the erase tool. Inside, you’ll see three buttons: the eraser, the move tool and the magic wand. Choose between the eraser and magic wand to remove the background. Then, tap the area you want to erase or remove until you’re done. To learn more, check out this article about how to remove the background.

If you want to add images and other elements, just choose the option from the top toolbar. The ‘Images’ tab is on the left and the ‘Elements’ tab is on the right. Once you find the right visual to add, tap it and use the edit menu above to make adjustments.

To add text, tap ‘Text’ from the top and click the message to change the text. After that’s done, tap ‘Edit text’ to change the font, format, color, outline and more. Now you can move the text box around till you find the perfect spot on the lock screen.

When you’re finished customizing the design, tap ‘Export Image’ from the top to process the image. Then, download the final product and tap the iOS share icon to save it to your iPhone.

3. Upload to Your iPhone X

Once the new lock screen is saved to your phone, open it within the Photos app. Now, tap the iOS share icon at the bottom and tap the ‘Use as Wallpaper’ button. Finally, choose to set it as your lock screen, home screen or both.

Now your iPhone X lock screen should be live! Just lock your phone and open it to find out if everything worked. If this guide helped you make a lock screen, be sure to subscribe to the Kapwing Resources page for new tutorials. And, check out the related articles to keep learning:

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