Here at Kapwing, we’re highly goal-oriented, from the big picture to our daily projects. But we also have had a long-term “meta-goal,” if you will. We want our own content marketing team to be able to create & edit all our video & multimedia content using Kapwing alone. We've encountered many difficulties along the way, but we just finished the biggest step in the process. We made our Studio collaborative in real time!

Now you’re either saying “finally!” or “huh?” – I’ll catch you up to speed. You're all too familiar with the struggles of remote collaboration. While it's often vital to work separately, it's not always feasible. Someone gets sick, has to take care of a family member, has a long train delay, and you're working on a tight schedule. Collaborative products like Google Docs, Sheets, Airtable, Zapier, and Figma, have helped content creators work efficiently and in sync in tight situations – that is, on documents, spreadsheets, emails, or design projects.

Video projects, on the other hand, remain a sore spot for the hurried, harried content creator. You probably recognize the headaches of offline video collaboration. Emails containing Drive and DropBox links to files called "FINAL_final_Video13_v4.mp4." Rushed uploads and downloads to make a single trim, fix a single typo, convert a single file. Overtime hours huddled around a single laptop containing the software your team needs. Dozens of gigabytes of storage crowded with several versions of the same project.

A GIF showing new members joining a Kapwing Collaborative Workspace.
It's never been easier for your content team to grow and create together.

Here at Kapwing, we know the struggles, and we've created a real solution. We updated our Studio for real-time video collaboration and provided collaborative cloud-based drives for creative teams to store and organize all their video & multimedia content. That’s right – no more sending drafts back and forth; no more compiling clips offline and arduously uploading them to online storage sites; no more needing everyone in the same place at the same time.

Kapwing's Studio is your new office. Here’s the rundown.

Real-Time Collaboration:

Every time you create a new project in your shared Workspace, every member of your group can automatically edit your project in the Kapwing Studio at the same time. Every change made by a member will appear instantaneously on collaborators’ screens. And by simply clicking "Share" in the Studio, you can send a link to anybody else who needs to edit the project, without giving them access to your full Workspace – your sharing is completely under your control.

A GIF showcasing real-time Studio collaboration.
Stay up-to-date with your team's edits as they occur. 

If you need to finish something with a hard deadline, work from home, or collaborate efficiently with remote creators, each member of your group can make their own edits on the same video project, without having to send each file to one person, or send different versions of the same file from person to person. And the entire editing process can be completed using auto-saved drafts before the project is ever published or downloaded, so only one version of the project needs to take up space on your computer and in your Workspace!

File-Level Collaboration:

If Kapwing’s real-time collaboration is a streamlined Google Docs for video, then file-level collaboration is a streamlined Google Drive, integrated fully with your editing suite. Your projects, duplicates, uploaded files, and unpublished drafts are all held in the same cloud drive, where everybody on your team can access them at any time. Not only is the Workspace’s file-level collaboration an invaluable tool for projects that require the work of several creators, but it also allows for streamlined iteration of custom content templates. For any content series, you and your team can make a customizable template with placeholder captions, titles, animations, watermarks, introductions – anything that you need to be consistent in your content series can be customized easily by reproducing your template, while the original version remains in your Workspace.  

A screenshot showing an editable content template in the Kapwing Studio.
Custom templates can be shared & edited in real time, for easy content iteration.

The free version of Kapwing’s Workspace is a top-level tool for casual creators, but the Pro Workspace is designed to serve professional content teams best. For example, if you’re working on longer-term content projects, your Pro Workspace comes with permanent cloud storage for all your files, while the free version only stores your files for seven days. So if you want to use your content templates for continual iteration, upgrading your Workspace will give you top-level content storage.

If your team needs to work with exceptionally large or high-quality files, your Pro subscription also allows you to upload files as large as 1GB. And for long-form video content like this, Kapwing's SRT generator is especially useful. Your Pro subscription  allows you to download the SRT files from your subtitled videos, so it's easy to make full transcripts for enhanced accessibility to foreign-language audiences.

Screenshots demonstrating how to send and accept shared Workspace invitations.
You can send and accept Workspace invitations in just a few clicks.

Our content team at Kapwing is already benefitting tremendously from our Collaborative Workspaces and real-time collaboration features, and we’re confident that your team will, too. Stay up-to-date with Kapwing’s product updates, tutorials, and insights by subscribing to our Resources library, where we’re constantly showing our users new & exciting ways to get the most out of Kapwing. Follow us on social media @KapwingApp to hear more about our product, our team, and our vision.

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