Want to find out more about your favorite movies and TV shows from 2021? Add your Netflix viewing history below and find your 2021 Netflix Wrapped.
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How it works
The unofficial Netflix Wrapped is a fun website made with love by the team at Kapwing and is not associated with Netflix. Your data is not collected or stored, and is only used locally to create your wrapped report. Want to find out how to learn more about your Netflix 2021 data, like your total watch time, favorite movies, trashiest show, and more? Read on!
1. Find your Netflix viewing activity

Log into the Netflix account that you use most frequently and download your Netflix viewing activity. This is what is used to generate your Wrapped report! The page can be accessed at: . It can also be found in Netflix Account > Profile & Parental Controls > Viewing Activity.

Screenshot of Netflix Viewing Activity page
2. Click "Download All"

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Download All". This will allow you to download your Netflix watch history in a .csv format. The downloaded file should be titled "NetflixViewingHistory.csv".

Screenshot of the Netflix Download All button
3. Import your viewing history to generate your Netflix Wrapped

Click the button below to open the file browser. Then, import your viewing history. In just a few seconds, this site will generate your Netflix Wrapped. Your data is not uploaded to our servers nor stored for any reason.

Screenshot of Plugin In Kapwing
About this project
Ever since Spotify came out with it's own wrapped, we felt that it should be easy to find more insights about the things we watch in addition to what we listen to! The problem is, Netflix doesn't offer a Wrapped even though the raw data is available. We wanted to build an easy way to showcase the things we watched on Netflix in 2021 - and that resulted in the unofficial Netflix Wrapped. We hope you enjoy this project!
Screenshot of Netflix Wrapped
Created with love by the team at Kapwing