Why can’t I hear my project’s audio?

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Sometimes, when users encounter playback issues, particularly dealing with audio, we recommend checking your browser settings to ensure that you approve media and sound playback for Kapwing. Some browsers detect audio playback and think it could be unwanted ads, so they minimize or stop the playback from happening as expected. As ad detection increases, it's more likely that some of what Kapwing enables you to do in the browser may be misconstrued as an ad.

To update your Chrome settings, click the lock symbol in the URL bar while in your Kapwing draft. This will open a dropdown menu, where you will see "Sound". Set this to "Allow", so that Chrome will always allow audio playback while you are in Kapwing:

To update your Safari settings, go to "Safari --> Preferences" in the top right hand corner of your screen. This will open your Preference Settings. Select "Websites" from the top header options, then click on "Auto-Play" in the right hand side options. From there, locate "kapwing.com" in the list of currently open websites and set the corresponding dropdown menu to "Allow all auto-play".

We also recommend turning "Content Blockers" to "Off" for Safari users. This should help mitigate how often you run into playback issues.