Sonoma County Fire Map

The Sonoma County Fire Map was a project created by Eric Lu after the Tubbs Fire in November 2017. The map allowed residents to see the status of their homes after the fires using satellite imagery, before the roads reopened.

Eric, a long time Santa Rosa resident, created the map to help other residents see their homes.

The map was featured in various news outlets including the Mercury Times, the Huffington Post, and KQED.

Map Preview
Map Preview

My heart goes out to those families who lost loved ones in the fire, and prayers for all others who were devastatingly affected.

I am thankful for our local firefighters for risking their lives to save lives and property that night. I am so grateful for many other community members who worked tirelessly to help affected residents get back on their feet.

Thanks for visiting the Sonoma County Fire Map and have a nice day.