The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Live

Explore this comprehensive guide to learn everything you need to know about Amazon Live.

The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Live

The evolution of Amazon continues. The bookstore turned e-commerce site now provides a professional live streaming platform called Amazon Live.  

With the launch of Amazon Live, brands and influencers have another way to engage audiences, grow their business, and make money. In this guide, we're sharing everything you need to know about Amazon Live, including how to start streaming.

What is Amazon Live

Amazon Live is a platform for brands and influencers to share items, perform product demonstrations, and chat with shoppers in real-time. Think HSN, but instead of calling in to make an order, you can shop from your browser. Currently, the Amazon Live Creator app is only optimized for iPhones, but is available for iPads too. Androids are not supported at this time.

How to Join Amazon Live

Influencers must be a part of the Amazon influencer program to live stream on the Amazon Live Creator app. During the application process, influencers must verify their social media profiles to see if engagement metrics such as follower count meets their standards.

You can be an influencer on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Vendors with an approved store and brands registered in the Amazon brand registry can also live stream. Upon joining, influencers have a chance to earn additional perks. There are three levels, and each subsequent level unlocks more benefits.

  • Rising Star: Every influencer begins at this level. Here, you can stream with the Amazon Live Creator app and earn commissions on qualifying purchases from users who discover you through the Onsite Associates program. Followers can also receive notifications from the shopping app when you go live.
  • Insider: At the insider level, you'll receive everything from Rising Star, and your livestreams are eligible to appear at the top of the Amazon live site and product detail pages.
  • A-List: A-Listers will get everything from the previous levels, and special access to Amazon Live opportunities and events. You'll also receive priority support and eligibility to appear on the Amazon home page.

Influencers must stream for a specified number of minutes to reach the next level.

Is Amazon Live Stream Free

It is free to stream on the Amazon Live Creator app. Live streams are viewable in various placements shoppers see while browsing, and all live streams are watchable on the Amazon Live homepage with desktop and mobile devices.

How Do I Set Up Amazon Live

Connecting with shoppers in real-time with the Amazon Live Creator app is a straight-forward process. In this section, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to prepare for a successful live stream.

  1. Download the Amazon Live Creator App
  2. Set up live stream
  3. Practice

Step One: Download the Amazon Live Creator App

Visit the app store on your iPhone and search for Amazon Live Creator App, and download the application to your device. iPhones are best when using the app. From here, you can sign in to your seller, vendor, or influencer program account. Make sure your phone has a full charge!

amazon live creators app home screen

Step Two: Set up Live Stream

Click the plus button at the bottom center of the screen, and you'll see a new menu prompt to set up the live stream. The first step to setting up your account is adding products viewers can buy. Tap the yellow button and add at least one item you anticipate sharing with viewers.

an image of the Amazon Live app settings user interface

Next, add a captivating thumbnail image to attract users to your live stream. The recommended size is 1240 x 720 or a 16:9 aspect ratio. Every image uploaded is automatically resized to the recommended dimensions, but to ensure your image isn't oddly stretched, use a free image resizer.

Below are examples of eye-catching thumbnails by influencer, Marianna Hewitt. Her designs include large text, cohesive colors, and eye-catching visuals essential for garnering views. Her title is detailed yet concise to attract the right viewers to her page.

two thumbnails showing influencer, Marianna Hewitt, promoting fashion and beauty livestreams.

You can use Kapwing, a free online content creation platform, to make a free thumbnail. This tool provides intuitive graphic design tools for easy content creation and allows for collaborative editing if you're working with a team. Below is an example thumbnail made in the Kapwing Studio.  

beauty product flat lay background and text that reads "holy grail skincare products"

Under Settings, give your live stream a descriptive title that entices shoppers to watch, and add a start time and a video source. You can use an iPhone's built-in camera or an external camera. Users are required to stream horizontally if using an iPhone, and if you're using an external camera, copy the URL and stream key and paste it into the settings. Lastly, you can turn on practice mode to verify your settings.

Step Three: Practice

It's best to practice live-streaming a few times before broadcasting to a live audience. This will alleviate some nerves, ensure your cameras and lighting are correct, and help familiarize yourself with each tool for a stress-free show.

Amazon Live Best Practices

In this section, we're sharing a few best practices to follow before going live on the Amazon Live Creator app. The following tips will ensure your live stream is impactful and engaging for viewers to watch, resulting in social shares and purchases!

Engage with the Audience

Livestreams are a great way to connect with viewers on a deeper level. Ask viewers to share an emoji in response to a question, shout-out names, ask rapid fire questions, and share a one of kind hashtag to keep the conversation going on social media. A memorable and fun experience will keep viewers returning and shopping for more products.

Show the Product

Product demonstrations can show off the product far better than an image. Zoom in, show different angles, and hold up another object to compare sizes. If you're sharing makeup products, perform swatches, quick application tips, and short makeup tutorials.

Stream for at Least 30 Minutes

It takes time to build a sizable audience after beginning a live stream, so allocate at least 30 minutes for each stream. The longer you are live, the more opportunities you have to engage, answer questions about a product, and cross-promote social media channels. There is no limit on the duration or number of times you live stream.

When you're finished exploring all that Amazon Live has to offer, read the articles below to discover engaging features on more popular sites. Leave your feedback and suggestions on Instagram and Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel to explore trendy video tutorials. We can't wait to hear from you!

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