It’s finally August! Which means the first day of school is right around the corner. One great way to ease your students back into the classroom is with an exercise asking them to report on what they did over the summer. This kind of activity is a great light homework assignment, sparks creativity, and also helps students get to know one another in a new classroom.

If you’re interested in getting your students more familiar with multimedia presentations, a video and image collage of summer memories is a fun way to engage students with video editing tools early in the year. In this post, I’ll show you how to make your own multimedia collage with Kapwing. Here is a GIF of an example video I made about my summer activities!

There are five easy steps you can follow to make your own multimedia collage:

  1. Collect your images and videos
  2. Upload them to the video collage maker
  3. Edit your videos
  4. Add features like captions, stickers, and music
  5. Publish and Share!

1) Collect your images and videos

Have your students spend time brainstorming what things they want to include in their collage and search for pictures and videos to support that. If students can’t find a personal video or image, they can also draw their own images or find videos online to help explain what they did. For example, if they went swimming at the beach, they could search for an image or video that helps describe what they’re thinking. Here are some screen grabs from iPhone videos I collected from my summer activities!

2) Upload them to the video collage maker

You can use Kapwing’s Collage Maker and upload all of the images and videos you want to include in the collage. For my example, I chose four videos from things I did this past summer. You can also add a scene to the collage if you want to show videos and pictures one by one rather than all at once.

3) Edit your videos

The Collage Maker allows you to edit each video individually, adjusting for length, and add filters! Spend some time playing around with these video and image editing tools to make your collage just the way you want it. One of my videos was a lot longer than the others, so I decided to cut it down by a few seconds.

4) Add features like captions, stickers, and music

You can add lots of other content to your collage to personalize it. Captions are a great way to further describe an activity and give context to the footage in the video. For my example, I added colorful captions for each video to highlight what they’re about. You also have the option to look for stickers and add your own music to the background of the video.

5) Publish and Share!

Once you’re done with your collage, you can click Publish to make your content downloadable! You can ask students to share the unique link of the video so that you can see what they’ve created on Kapwing and have them show their video at school and talk about it in front of the class. Happy creating! And be sure to tag @kapwingapp with your creations!

This article is part of a series featuring educational tutorials and lesson plan inspirations for K-12 classrooms! Want to see more? Check out the Kapwing Education Page!