GIFs are an amazing tool for communication, as well as spicing up your online content whether it’s a blog post or a social media share. If you’re a regular on Giphy and similar GIF sharing sites, you probably already have an entire archive of your favorite GIFs. However, what if you need to slow down a GIF?

The Kapwing Free Video Editor is hands down the easiest online tool to slow down a GIF with a few simple clicks. It’s simple, uncomplicated, and only takes a couple of minutes.

Here’s how to slow down a GIF with Kapwing:

1.     Upload Your GIF to the Video Editor

2.     Slow the GIF Down

3.     Set the Output File to “GIF”

4.     Publish and Download!

Let's get started.

1.     Upload Your GIF to the Kapwing Video Editor

Head on over to and upload your selected GIF to the Video Editor. Alternatively, you can simply select a GIF from your favorite GIF sharing site and paste the URL directly without having to download, then upload the GIF to the Editor.

2.     Slow the GIF Down

Now that your GIF is ready for editing, hover over the Speed toolbox and select how much you want your GIF to slow down. The Speed toolbox is located on the right hand-side, just below the “Trim, “Adjust”, and “Crop” tools. Using the Speed tool, you can adjust the speed of the GIF by clicking the “-“ or the “+” icon.

Let’s say, you want to slow down your GIF by half. Simply set the speed to 0.5 by clicking the “-“ icon, and your GIF is now slower by fifty percent.

3.     Don’t Forget to Set the Output File to “GIF”

Next up, you’ll want to go over to the little gear icon on the right hand-side corner, click on it, and set your Output File to “GIF”. If you skip this step, your GIF will automatically save as a video, and not a GIF, file.

4.     Publish and Download

Now, you’re all set. Simply hit “Publish” on the right hand-side corner and either download your GIF or use the links provided. If you’re sharing your GIF to social media, don’t forget to tag @kapwing app!

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