Let's be real: a noisy video can totally ruin the whole video. You might need to mute a video because of a noisy person, maybe you want to replace the audio or add your own voiceover.

For iOS 14+, people can silence or mute a video from inside of the native iPhone photos app. Just open the photos app and find your video. Then, click the "Edit" button.

Edit button in Photos app
Edit button in Photos app

Next, click the yellow sound icon in the upper left corner. This button will be yellow when the video has sound. Remove the audio by tapping the button; the icon will change to a gray muted picture.

For older iPhone users or for videos filmed on an iPhone, you can also use a third-party app or website to remove the audio from the video itself. I recommend using a website called Kapwing because it's fast, free to use, and works in the browser so you don't need to install another app. This tutorial works on both iPhones and iPads, so follow along to mute your video in three steps:

  1. Upload to Kapwing's Mute Video Tool
  2. [Optional] Make Other Edits
  3. Export

1. Upload to Kapwing's Mute Video Tool

Start by opening up the Safari app, going to the Kapwing Tools page, and tapping the Mute Video tool. Or, just navigate directly to the Mute Video home page here.

mute video home

After getting started, click the button to upload. You'll see you can select the video directly from your camera roll. For this example, I'm using a video of my friend I recorded.

2. [Optional] Edit Video

After the video uploads to Kapwing, it will be muted by default. All you have to do is click "Export" to get the final MP4. Note that the bottom tray has an "Unmute" button to toggle the sound. You can preview the video with the sound muted to make sure it looks correct.

Muted Audio Tray
Audio muted by default

Kapwing's Studio has other quick editing tools, like a trimmer, music, timeline, and add text tool. It also has photography tools like adjusting the brightness, adding a blur, and adding filters like grayscale.If you want to make other edits to your video, "X" out of the audio tray and edit the video layer or background until it's perfect. If you're trying to change the canvas size so you can post the whole video as a square on Instagram, you can also do that from the studio before exporting.

3. Export and Share

Hit the big red "Export" button to process the muted video.

Kapwing will take a few minutes to process the final muted video in the cloud, depending on how long it is. If you're signed in, you will be able to download the video with no watermark.

Thanks for reading this post on removing audio from an iPhone video!

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