Posting a YouTube Video can be super complicated if you use several different apps to download the video, trim it, and resize it to square. Luckily, a new website called Kapwing helps creators repost YouTube videos to Instagram and Instagram Stories in about three clicks. With Kapwing, people can import the video from YouTube directly and resize/trim it on Instagram. In this article, I’ll show you how to post a YouTube video on Instagram using Kapwing, a free online tool.

Since Kapwing is online, this technique works on any device, and you won’t need to download any software. It’s extremely simple and just works without any bells and whistles.

Step 1: Open Kapwing Resizer

Start off by opening the Kapwing Resizer. You’ll notice a demo on the homepage that shows how creators can resize for all different social media formats.

Video Resizer Home

This resizer works for images, GIFs, and videos, so you can use it for any media type.

Step 2: Import YouTube Video

Paste the YouTube URL into the box on the homepage to import the YouTube video. Kapwing supports videos up to 30 mins long and will load the video directly into the size editor.

You can also upload a video if you have it on your computer, or import from Giphy, Vimeo, Google Drive, and other websites. In my example, I imported the music video of Billie Ellish’s “Bad Guy.”

Step 3: Resize for Instagram

In the left hand column, choose the square (1:1 aspect ratio) to optimize for Instagram. You can also change to 5:4 or 4:5 to take advantage of vertical space in the feed.

How to Post YouTube videos on Instagram

You can choose a “no crop” fit, which positions your video in the middle of the frame with padding above and below, or a “Crop” fit, which cuts the video to the aspect ratio you want. Adjust the crop and positioning with the arrow keys and buttons below the video preview.

Resize a YouTube video for Instagram with white background

I recommend using a white background to blend in with Instagram’s native light coloring. Change the background color using the background buttons in the left column.

You can also trim the video so that it’s the right length for Instagram. On IG, videos must be shorter than 1 minute (60 seconds) long, so make sure your repost doesn’t last more then 60 seconds. Click the “Trim video” button in the upper left to change the start and end time of your YouTube video. I trimmed this YouTube music video to a 1 min segment so that I could post it on my Instagram feed.

You can also edit the post for Instagram Stories or IGTV. Click the second size option in the Resize menu, “Story (Snap/Insta) or IGTV.” Once you click a new resize option, your video preview will update immediately. This technique is a quick way to resize YouTube videos for IGTV!

Step 4: Download and Publish on Instagram

Once you’re done resizing the video, click “Create” to process the MP4 together. Kapwing will resize your video for you in the cloud and show you the progress as it loads. After several seconds, you’ll have the resized MP4! Download the video to publish it to Instagram directly. You can also go back to edit the video if you want to tweak the settings, trim out a different segment, or get a different size.

Hopefully this tutorial takes several steps off of your process for posting YouTube videos on Instagram. The Resizer is useful for reposting memes, music videos, lyric videos, and more.This same technique works well for posting Reddit and Imgur videos to Instagram, IGTV, SnapChat, and Instagram Stories.

Kapwing has no ads and is free to use, but there will be a small watermark in the bottom corner in the free version. Creators can pay a fee to remove it or subscribe for unlimited no-watermark videos. Happy sharing!

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