Tumblr, a microblogging site, makes it easy to share videos, GIFs, and photos to express yourself online. For more self-expression, users can add a custom theme, change their profile picture, and make a compelling header.  

The header is the largest asset you can add to your page and can easily help you gain a follower or two. If you take a moment to browse profiles, you'll find headers in a range of styles that set the tone for the page. A header featuring a popular band could indicate a fan page while a quote header could lead to inspirational photos and poetry. Below are a few examples to help you brainstorm ideas.

header 1 / header 2 / header 3

In this article, I'll show you how to make an eye-catching header that will help you build a community with similar interests. Let's get started!

  1. Upload image to Kapwing
  2. Edit the header
  3. Export and download
  4. Upload header to Tumblr

Step One: Upload Image to Kapwing

In this tutorial, I'm using Kapwing to make my header. Kapwing is a free online video editor you can use any device with a browser. I'm using my laptop and a Chrome browser, but feel free to use what's best for you.

Head over to Kapwing, click start editing, then upload an image, paste an image URL, or drag and drop a picture into the Studio. You can search for freely-usable images by clicking plugins, then click Unsplash, Pexels, or Pixabay. Try to keep the theme of your page in mind when searching for a picture. Video game consoles and popular characters would be great for a gaming community. An image from a scenic road-trip works for pages dedicated to traveling.  

Under canvas on the right side of the Studio, change the output size to 16:9. This is the ideal aspect ratio to create a fully visible header. If you don't see the canvas section, click a space beside your picture to pull it up.

Step Two: Edit the Header

Now it's time to let your creativity flourish! Kapwing has a ton of free tools for you to customize your header and I recommend trying out each one to see what you like. You can click elements to add and overlap shapes and adjust the size, fill color, and outline color.

Click the text tool to add a quote, the title of your blog, or a welcome message to your header. If you click adjust you can change the brightness, contrast, saturation and more and add a filter to change the feel of the header. I stuck with text and a few circles to let the rest of the header speak for itself.

Step Three: Export and Download

When you're happy with the final results, click export image at the top of the Studio, then click download to save it. If there's a watermark and you want to remove it, sign in to create a free Kapwing account.

Step Four: Upload Header to Tumblr

Head over to Tumblr and click the profile icon in the top right corner. Click edit appearance from the dropdown menu, then edit appearance again at the top of your profile.

Click the pencil icon then "choose photo" and upload the header from your device. Then click done and save to view your new header.

If this tutorial was helpful or you have any ideas for future posts, reach out on Instagram or Twitter. Head over to YouTube to watch more tutorials and viral TikTok trends.

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