Flipping a video could really mean two different things:

  • *Rotate: *Turn the video orientation ⤴
  • Mirror: Flip the video over the center axis ↩

Why would you want to flip a video? Maybe you have a series of video clips, but one was filmed by your left-handed uncle. To combine all of your videos without the watcher standing on their head, you need to flip the video so that the bottom edge of the camera is on the viewer’s left.

Why would you want to rotate a video? Maybe you have a video that’s just oriented the wrong direction, like this adorable video of Kiva, my kitten. Make it better for Instagram, IGTV, Facebook, and the human eye by rotating the video before you post.

In this article, I’ll describe how to do both! This tutorial will help creators flip a video, image, or GIF, even if they have no video editing expertise. I recommend using Kapwing’s free Rotate video tool to flip you video online.

Kapwing’s Rotate tool flips your videos, GIFs, and images over the center y-axis in a single click. It’s totally free, takes seconds, and makes your videos more suitable for just about every platform online. There’s four super-easy steps:

  1. Open Kapwing’s Rotate tool
  2. Upload your video
  3. Flip your video
  4. Create and download

Here’s the breakdown — no more worrying about how to hold your phone when capturing life’s impromptu, Instagrammable moments.

Step One:  Open Kapwing’s Rotate Tool

The Rotate tool is just one in the Kapwing video editing toolbox. Open ‘er up — she’ll look something like this on desktop, but you can also access this page on your phone. (For free!).

Step Two: Upload Your Video (or Paste a URL)

You can upload a file directly from your computer by selecting the purple “Upload” button, or you can paste a URL from a site like YouTube into the empty field. Once you’ve done this, the video will automatically upload. Short clips will take a matter of seconds.

Step Three: Mirror Your Video

Kiva! There she is, getting the vertical pets. For now, that is — we’re going to hit the “Mirror” button on the right to flip the kitty’s orientation. You can also rotate your video in 90-degree chunks, to the left or to the right. Everything you’ve done will show up on the left underneath the “rotate” buttons.

(Pro tip: Kapwing also supports “Trim Video” at the top, if you need to do some light editing.)

Step Four: Create and Download!

Now that we’ve got Kiva facing the correct direction, it’s time to hit the red “Create!” button on the bottom left. That takes us to the loading screen — the computerized Kapwing kittens doing their thing.

Then voila! Your video will be ready to download.

It’s horizontal-petting time.

Once you have your flipped video, you could make a cool mirrored collage where one side is the reflection of the other. Just upload the original and flipped video to Kapwing’s Collage Maker to place them side by side.

Or you can visit the rest of the Kapwing toolbox to resizeloopadd text or music, or try a million other things to increase the awesomeness of your video! All in seconds, and all for free — why not play around for a bit? Kiva out!