Psst, guys. You know all those sketchy websites that say they convert YouTube videos into mp3s — and you think you’re outsmarting the system — but then they make you watch a million pop-up ads and you’re terrified to click anything because the site looks like Becky’s little brother learned HTML last week?

Don’t click those skeezy links. Kapwing’s Convert Video tool is pop-up ad free, and the site was definitely not designed by Becky’s little brother. It converts videos to music files in seconds for free, and you can download the whole song or just a specific section.

With the same tool, you can turn those videos into mp4s, GIFs, or JPEGs, too. That’s a lot of options, so we’ll worry about those later. For right now, let’s concentrate on downloading music from YouTube. Turn that video into an mp3 you can listen to anytime — wherever, whenever.

Convert YouTube to MP3 in five steps:

  1. Open the Convert Video tool
  2. Paste the YouTube URL
  3. Choose the “MP3” option
  4. (Optional) Trim your video
  5. Create

Step 1: Open the Convert Video Tool

Convert Video Home page

When you open Kapwing’s Convert video tool, the page will look like this (note that nobody used Microsoft Paint). This screenshot was taken on a computer, but you can use the tool on any phone, laptop, tablet, or Chromebook. What song have you been singing in your head all day? Find that song on YouTube.

Step 2: Paste Your YouTube URL

Copy the URL (that “www.” link) of your YouTube video from the nav bar of your browser and paste your YouTube URL into that empty box. The YouTube video will load automatically!

The longer your video, the longer it’ll take the Kapwing Kittens to fetch your file. Patience, grasshopper! If it fails to load, try again. The video is just being finicky.

Step 3: Choose the MP3 Option

download youtube music

Once your file has been fetched, you’ll automatically be taken to the above screen. Yours may or may not be playing Tone-Loc’s “Funky Cold Medina,” but this one is. Once this video converts, we’re about to take this classic 1989 hit and play it non-stop over these coffeeshop speakers.

But first, we gotta choose our file type. To convert a YouTube video to an audio file, choose mp3. We’ll cover the other options on a later blog post, though if you’re confused about what each of these means, look below the video image — it’ll tell you what exactly you’re converting to.

Step 4: Trimming Your Video

trim video

(Note that this step is optional)

If you just want to download part of the video like that catchy bridge or chorus, click the grey “Trim Video” button. That’ll take you to the above screen, where you can futz around with section and length. You can manually manipulate the slider bar, insert the specific timestamps, use your arrow keys, and/or rewind to navigate the clip.

Step 5: Hit Create!

download audio

Like magic. For a few seconds, you’ll see a screen similar to the above (go, kittens, go!). And then?

download audio

Poof. Your YouTube video is ready for downloading (and playing on repeat over those speakers). It’ll play automatically from the slider on the right-hand side, proving the Video Converter Tool’s finesse. Hit download, add the MP3 to your music library, and grab your headphones. Instant music in your ears — and on your phone!

If you’re ready for the next creation, you can also add the music to a different video with Kapwing’s Add Music to Video tool. Happy remixing!

For more ideas, tutorials, and features, check back in at the Kapwing Resources page or our YouTube channel!