Do you have opinions on things that you want to share with the world? I do, so I’m sure you do too. In this article, I’ll show you how to create an unboxing and review video of your favorite (or least favorite) things.

  1. Film your video
  2. Upload your video
  3. Trim your video
  4. Add text/extras
  5. Download and share

If you’d prefer to watch over read, look here:

For my example I reviewed a 2-pack of Bounty paper towels.

Step 1: Film your Video

This isn’t a podcast! Get some visuals in there! To film your video you need a quiet work area and a camera. Your camera can be a webcam, smartphone, or (bear with me) a real live camera! For a DIY tripod for smartphone, check out this article.

I recommend filming these 6 things:

  1. Introduction
  2. Unpackage
  3. Show to viewer
  4. Use object
  5. Close up
  6. Give your opinion

Start the camera, speak your line and do your action, and stop your video. This makes it really easy to cut out all the scrappy parts of your video

You can always reshoot parts of your video if you make any mistakes!

Step 2: Upload your video

Make sure whatever device you’re using, your clips are available. I recommend a computer. If you need to transfer your clips between devices, do that!

Upload each segment of your video to a scene in Kapwing’s Studio. Click upload, and choose your clip. Then add a new scene and repeat the process. Rearrange your clips so they are in the right order and delete anything you feel is extraneous.

Step 3: Trim your video

Trim each clip of your video so it only shows your best lines/action. Click the video and click trim on the right.

Step 4: Add text/extras

Click text to add text to your scene. You can use this to add a visual for your review metric. Also add a scene with a title if you want.

You can add star shapes if you want to do your review in stars, or numbers, or anything you can think of!

Step 5: Download and share

Download your video and share it with your friends directly or by copying and pasting the link. Upload it to Youtube or Instagram and start sharing your opinion with the general population! (If that’s what you want.) Thanks for reading this article! Share your review with us on social media @kapwingapp.