How to Create a Reusable Instagram Story Template

Make a re-usable Instagram Story Template to enforce visual consistency across your brand. Use the same watermark, colors, and positioning for every video and image you post on your IG Story or IGTV. Share the template with your team.

How to Create a Reusable Instagram Story Template

Design templates help create consistency across multiple posts. Consistent brand messaging and visuals allow your content to shine without lowering quality or reducing polish. In this article, I’ll show you how to create a reusable Instagram Story Template that you can share with your clients and colleagues.

Step 1: Ideation and design

Start by sketching out your Instagram Story or IGTV design ideas. What elements do you want to be consistent across posts? What fonts, shapes, and colors will you use? Get feedback from your team while the designs are in an early, fidelity phase.

To get design inspiration, Google around and watch Stories of the brands you admire on Instagram. You can also start with one of these featured Instagram Story templates.

Step 2: Implement the Template

Once you have a design, create your template using Kapwing’s Collage Maker. Kapwing is free to use and works in the browser on your phone or computer.

Start with a blank canvas. Kapwing’s default canvas size is 1:1, but you can click the “Resize” button to change the aspect ratio to 9:16 for your Story or IGTV.

On your 9:16 canvas, implement your design! Some features that Kapwing supports:

  • Adding shapes
  • Change the color of your background, text, and overlays
  • Uploading videos and GIFs
  • Positioning text, captions, and descriptions
  • Importing photos, watermarks, and YouTube videos
  • Uploading custom brand fonts and selecting brand hex colors

Under the “Settings” menu, creators can add “placeholder” elements to represent the space for replaceable video or photo elements. Whoever uses the templates will be able to replace these with their own content quickly on the go, making it a useful tool for social media managers who want to design first and fill in later.

Once your design looks good, click “Export” to process your template! Your Instagram Story template shouldn’t take long to process.

Step 3: Share and Reuse

Once your template has been processed, anyone with the URL can edit, make a copy, and reuse your design. Once you sign in, all of the templates you create are saved in your Kapwing Workspace so that you never lose your work.

You can share the template’s URL with your colleagues and clients to get review or enable them to create similar posts. Alternatively, teams can create a shared Workspace so that collaborators can review and download templates from others. On a brand marketing team, this remote collaboration helps to ensure quality because managers and clients can see work in progress and request changes along the way.

I hope that the Kapwing Creator helps you and the people in your organization make beautiful branded IGTV posts and Stories for your Instagram channel. Happy designing!