GIFs are everywhere these days, but lots of sites and platforms such as Instagram won't let you post a .gif file that animates. Thankfully I found an easy work-around that will convert any GIF to an Mp4 video so you can use it everywhere.

When I say everywhere, I literally mean everywhere. You can find GIFs on Giphy, maybe just a Google search, or maybe you have a meme in mind. Wherever your GIF is, I'll show you how to super easily convert it to a video. For this example I searched for a fun GIF on Giphy and found one from an HBO show called Silicon Valley. I'll run you through 3 easy steps to convert a GIF like this to a video!


  1. Import to Kapwing
  2. Edits (if any)
  3. Download as Mp4

1. Import to Kapwing

First, find your GIF! If it's on a website like Giphy, you can find the direct URL for it and we can paste that into Kapwing. I'm doing that so I switched over from Giphy to Kapwing and pasted my link right in. If your GIF is a file on your desktop, click the 'upload' button instead! Here's how you can copy and paste a link from Giphy into Kapwing:

2. Edits (if any)

While we're in the Kapwing studio we can make super easy edits using their tools, if you don't have any edits you can skip to the next step! From the studio you can crop the GIF, trim or cut any of it, make adjustments like changing the brightness & contrast, speed up the GIF, or put it on a canvas with other content. The first thing I wanted to do was crop the huge banner at the bottom out of the GIF, then I made the output size a square, made the background black, and added some fun meme text at the top and bottom. In real time, it took me less than 2 minutes:

3. Download as Mp4!

This is the easy part, just make sure your settings are set to export as 'Default' (which is mp4) and hit the big red export button!

Kapwing has all sorts of awesome FREE tools to edit your content, check out some other resources:

Thanks for reading!

Devan Sood