How to Convert an MKV to an MP4 for Free

Have an MKV format but need an MP4 file instead? MP4 files are the most shareable, viewable movie file on the web. This article shows you how to quickly convert an MKV video file to an MP4.

How to Convert an MKV to an MP4 for Free

A historical video format, .MKV video files are scattered across the internet. However, because few video players can actually play an MKV file and some video editors and websites (like Twitter) reject this format, you may prefer to convert the MKV file to something more usable and shareable.

An MP4 file is the most universally usable and shareable video format. Although MKV filse are an important multimedia container, MP4 is easier to transfer, share, and or incorporate into other video projects.

In this article, I'll explain how to quickly convert an MKV to an MP4 with an online Convert Video tool called Kapwing:

  1. Upload MKV Video
  2. Publish and save as an MP4

Step 1: Upload MKV Video

Get started by going to and clicking "Start editing." This will open Kapwing's Studio, a free online tool for converting and editing video files. Here, you can convert your video from any video file type (like WMV, FLV, MOV) to an MP4 file and make all the edits you need.

To upload a video from your computer, phone, or tablet, you can select the button that says “Click to upload” and find the file you want to edit in your file browser. If you want to use a video you found online, or one you’ve stored in a place like Google Drive, simply copy the link to the video you want to upload, and paste it into the field that says “Paste a link.” You can also import MKV files from other websites by pasting the URL.

MKV file in the kapwing editor

If you want to make any edits to your video, you can explore the other tools on Kapwing. It's easy to crop, trim, add & edit text, and combine videos together.

Step 2: Publish & Save as an MP4

Now that your video has been uploaded to the Kapwing Studio, just click “Publish” in the upper left corner to export your video as an MP4. This is the default file type for videos processed in the converter, so you don't need to change any settings.

Once your video is done processing, you’ll go to a page where you can choose to download or continue editing. Just click “Download” and Kapwing will save the video to your device.

To download your MP4 video to your phone, long-press on the video or click the Download button. On a computer, your new video will appear in your downloads folder. On a phone, it should be saved to your camera roll. With an MP4 instead of an MKV, it's simple to share the video, publish on social media, or use in other projects. You can also play the MP4 video on any device instead of needing a specialized video player like VLC.

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