How to Convert a Video to a Podcast

How to Convert a Video to a Podcast

When you’re making a Podcast, you might have video footage – whether it’s a section of a YouTube video, a sound effect, or something you filmed with the camera on your phone – whose audio track you want to include. In this article, I’ll show you how to take a video recording, make it a podcast, and publish it on social media.

In this tutorial, I’ll be using Kapwing, a free online video and photo editor for casual creators. You can do it on your phone, tablet, or computer and, since Kapwing is a website, won’t need to install any software. Kapwing is designed for beginners, so don’t be intimidated even if you have no video editing expertise!

Convert Video to Audio

The most basic way to convert a video to a Podcast is to convert the MP4 directly to an MP3 without any editing. This is great for quickly syndicating video content across both YouTube and podcast distribution networks.

To convert your video to an MP3, upload it to Kapwing’s free Convert Video tool. After your video loads in the editor, select the “MP3” option and click “CREATE.” Your MP3 will be processed in the cloud within seconds. You can either share the URL to your Kapwing page or you can download the MP3 file to publish.

Edit Your Podcast

For basic edits, you can use Kapwing’s Trim Audio tool to cut out sections at the beginning and end of the MP3. You can also use this tool to clip out a Podcast highlight to post on Instagram, since IG uploads are limited to 60 seconds long.

You can also edit your podcast before converting it to audio using Kapwing’s Video Maker. Trim out sections of the video that you don’t want, cut off silences or intro/outro pauses, and add new scenes to the beginning and end. You can see and adjust what the podcast will sound like by listening to the video preview on the left-hand panel.

To splice the audio into an existing audio track, use the video maker to duplicate the original clip, trim the beginning and end, and arrange your new sound in the middle so that it plays continuously.

Publish your Podcast on Instagram

If you want to publish the Podcast on Instagram, consider merging a descriptive cover image with your MP3 file. This video format – a square image with a podcast soundtrack – is sometimes called an “Audiogram.”

To make an audiogram, design a cover image using Kapwing’s Studio and click the “Add Audio” button in the toolbar to upload your MP3. You can choose a canvas size appropriate for the Instagram Feed (1:1) or IGTV and your Story (9:16). When you “CREATE,” your output video will be an MP4 exactly as long as the soundtrack.

An audiogram for an SEO podcast

Since Kapwing is based in the cloud, you can always edit and re-use your audiogram for later Podcast episodes. Using the “Edit” feature, change the title text and re-download for branded, visually-consistent audiograms.

Design a Podcast Thumbnail

To publish your podcast, you need a square Podcast thumbnail. If you’ve already created an audiogram, you can use the audiogram image for your thumbnail (just convert the audiogram MP4 back to an image). Otherwise, you can design your 1:1 Podcast thumbnail using Kapwing’s Studio. Starting from a blank canvas, set custom background colors, add the title of your Podcast with a big library of fonts, and arrange with your logo or other images. You can use the thumbnail as the base template for your audiograms, described above.

Once you have the thumbnail and the finalized audio file, you can submit your podcast to various podcast directories and distribution sites. This expands the reach of your high-quality content, enables syndication, and lets you reach more listeners/subscribers. Happy podcasting!