Finish Group Video Projects From Home with Real-Time Collaboration

Real-time web collaboration has made it easy to work together on the internet, but video content has been left out of the trend – until now. Kapwing's Studio 2.0 allows students & creators to make & edit videos together anywhere, anytime.

Finish Group Video Projects From Home with Real-Time Collaboration

The more time you spend in school, the more group projects become central to your classes. Teachers and professors need to prepare you for educational settings and jobs where group work and collaboration are essential to everything you do. And some high-level projects simply require too much work for one person, and can only be accomplished by a group of students working as a team.

You’ve probably learned several things over the years about group work and how to finish projects together – scheduling work sessions at someone’s house or dorm, staying after class to meet a deadline, creating a Google Drive folder to assemble the parts you need for your project. But regardless, group projects can become a hassle. Someone lives far away, another person has soccer practice after class, someone gets sick and has to work from home.

If you’re working together on a video, the struggle can be a lot worse. For, say, a group lab report, you can make a Google Doc that everyone can work on together on their own schedule, from any location. If you’re preparing a slideshow, you can make a collaborative Slides file, or a group Prezi project. But if you’re creating a video, there’s no convenient way for your whole team to edit the same file without being in the same space at the same time, huddled around the same computer. If you can’t all be together, you end up sending large video files by email or DropBox, using up your storage space just to make simple edits, and even potentially damaging your hardware in the process.

That’s how Kapwing can help. With the Kapwing Studio, your whole group can make all your edits to the same video at the same time, from anywhere. You won’t waste any space on your computer, either; Kapwing’s Collaborative Workspaces work as a cloud drive for your files, where every member of your group can edit, create, and save everything you need to finish your project. Here’s how it all works.

Real-Time Project Collaboration:

Every time you create a new project in a shared Workspace, it's fully collaborative in real time. This allows every member of your group to edit your project in the Kapwing Studio at the same time. Every change made by a member will appear instantaneously on collaborators’ screens.

An animation demonstrating Kapwing's synchronous collaboration.
Keep track of your team's progress as it happens.

If you want to test out a bit of audio, experiment with your color saturation, or compile several scenes, each member of your group can make their own edits on the same video project, without having to send each file to one person, or send different versions of the same file from person to person. And the entire editing process can be completed using auto-saved drafts before the project is ever published or downloaded, so only one version of the project needs to take up space on your computer!

File-Level Collaboration:

If Kapwing’s real-time collaboration is a streamlined Google Docs for video, then file-level collaboration is a streamlined Google Drive, integrated with your editing suite. One of the biggest hassles involved in team video projects is storage and file collaboration. Using some programs to edit your content, like iMovie, or Premiere, and others to store it, like DropBox or Google Drive, can cause several issues. Some programs, for example, only allow specific file types for imports, and only export one or two video file types. Sometimes, video file types even vary depending on video quality. If you’re using a Kapwing Workspace, however, all your video files can be quickly converted to the same file type and exported in 1080p.

A GIF Showing a shared workspace add members and projects.
It's never been easier for your group to grow and create together.

The Collaborative Workspace’s file-level collaboration also allows your group to easily copy and iterate projects, or use videos as editable templates. So if you have weekly video assignments, want to test out two slightly different versions of a video, or want to send customized videos to different people, you can create a template video that can easily be copied and edited, while keeping the original in your Workspace.

The Pro Version

Nearly every feature that Kapwing has to offer can be used free of cost, but some top-level projects need top-level software. For example, if your project is going to take a long time to complete, you can upgrade to a Pro workspace to gain permanent cloud storage for all your files, since the free version only stores projects for seven days.

If your group needs to work with exceptionally large or high-quality files, your Pro subscription also allows you to upload files as large as 1GB. And for long-form video content like this, your Pro subscription also allows you to download your video’s SRT file. This is a streamlined way for you to make a full transcript of your video so it can be fully accessible to foreign-language viewers and hearing & visually impaired audiences.

How to Get Started

Creating your Collaborative Workspace with Kapwing only takes a few clicks. Go to and click “Sign In” in the upper right-hand corner. You can sign into Kapwing using either a Google or Facebook account, and your Kapwing account will be tied to your email address. You’ll automatically start with an untitled workspace of your own. If you want to make it collaborative, select the “Invite” button in the workspace toolbar. Here, you can invite your group members by email, and they simply need to open the invitation email to accept.

Screenshots showing how to send and accept Kapwing Workspace invitations.
It only takes a few clicks to send and accept Collaborative Workspace invitations.

No matter how many people you add to your collaborative workspace, you’ll be its owner. All other members will be able to add & edit content, but not rename or delete the workspace, add other people, or remove them from the group.

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