Facebook has 2.45 BILLION monthly active users and now videos account for 11% of all Facebook posts. Buffer did a study that found that square videos got 35% more views than landscape videos, and it has also been found that users watch 85% of videos without sound.

Yet there's still millions of hours of video on Facebook without these crucial edits, and some that we'd like to add edits to. Plus, there are plenty of times when people browsing Facebook watch to grab a video clip, save it as an MP4, or share the video file with other. Downloading the video from Facebook ensures that you'll be able to find it later when you want it.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you to how import, edit and export any video from Facebook as an Mp4. This tutorial uses a Free Facebok Video Downloader website called Kapwing. I'm going to use a video from Family Fued for this example.

Here's how you convert a Facebook video to an MP4:

  1. Copy Facebook Video URL
  2. Import Into Kapwing
  3. Export as Mp4

1. Copy Facebook Video URL

You can find the video url in the browser, copy it and paste it over in the Kapwing Studio. If you're using your computer, click the "Copy Link" button from the action menu in the video card. If you're using the app, find "Copy Link" under the "Share" icon instead.

2. Import Video Into Kapwing

After copying the Facebook video URL, go to Kapwing.com, a website that helps social media video creators to clip and create videos. Paste the URL into the "Paste URL" box. Notice that Kapwing will fetch the video from Facebook.com.

Click "Export Video" to get the saveable MP4.

If you're planning to post the video on social media, you might consider making some edits before you export. According to the research I noted earlier, videos should be published as a square with subtitles for optimal engagement, so I'm going to edit this video to reflect just that. To change the canvas size, click the proportions on the right sidebar. I made this one 1:1 (square) which will also allow me to post to platforms like Instagram without cutting off any of the video.

To add subtitles, click 'subtitles' on the top bar and give the auto-generated subtitles a try. You can customize your subtitles with fonts, emojis and colors. You can also make other super easy edits in the Studio, try overlaying a gif or adding audio to make your content more engaging.

3. Export as Mp4

Now that your video is ready, make sure you're ready to export. Kapwing will start to process the video for FREE as long as the video is <7 minutes long.

Once the video is done processing, click "Download" to save it as an MP4. This process works for other social media networks like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok too. Since Kapwing is optimized for social media creators, it's a good resource for reposting content and making quick edits for Facebook.

Thanks for reading!

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