Venn Diagrams have always been a great classroom tool to help students compare and contrast different subject matter. They can be used to identify the similarities between two animal species, characters in a book, or time periods in history. Whatever the subject, Venn diagrams give students the space to think critically about how two things are connected.

A fun way to make Venn diagrams more interesting in a classroom environment is to make them multimedia. Typically, Venn diagrams consist of two or more circles overlapping with just text written inside to convey the differences and similarities between the subject matter. However, when you create a Venn diagram on a computer or phone, you can easily add images, GIFs, or other multimedia content to make your creation even more engaging.

In this article, I’ll show you how to create your own multimedia Venn diagram to help organize and explain any classroom topic. For this example, I’ve created a multimedia Venn diagram to compare and contrast World War I and World War II.

There are four steps you can follow to create your own multimedia Venn diagram using Kapwing:

  1. Start with a blank canvas in Studio
  2. Create your circles
  3. Brainstorm and add your content
  4. Publish and share!

1) Start with a blank canvas in Studio

Open up the Kapwing Studio and select a blank canvas. From there you can choose a canvas size that best fits the project you’re working on. For my Venn diagram, I selected a 16:9 canvas in order to make it wide enough for my circles to fit nicely.

2) Create your circles

You can navigate to the top of the studio and select a circle from the Shapes tool. Then, change the fill color to be transparent so you can overlap the circles. A classic Venn diagram requires two overlapping circles, but you can also add three or four if you want! You can also play around with things like the outline color.

3) Brainstorm and add your content

Once you have your circles, you’ll need to fill them with some awesome content. Take some time to brainstorm the ideas you want to convey in your Venn diagram and what might be the best way to represent them. An image? Text? GIF? Once you have some ideas down, you can use the tools in Studio to bring them to life! The text icon at the top allows you to easily add and move text boxes into different parts of your Venn diagram, and the Image tool lets you search for images and GIFs of whatever you want. Here is my example, a combination of text boxes and images to represent the differences and overlap between the two world wars.

4) Publish and share!

Once you’re satisfied with your Venn diagram, you can publish it by clicking the button in the top right corner of the screen. If you're signed in to your Kapwing Pro account, the project will be processed with no watermark. From there you can download, copy, or edit your published Venn diagram to share with anyone you want. Happy creating! And be sure to tag #kapwing in your creations!

This article is part of a series featuring educational tutorials and lesson plan inspirations for K-12 classrooms! Want to see more? Check out the Kapwing Education Page!