Kapwing is the web’s most popular video meme maker and one of the best for Instagram videos. As videos have exploded in popularity on Instagram, meme accounts – with image, video, and text memes – have gotten more and more followers.

Some meme types:

In this article, I’ll roundup our favorite video memes that Kapwing creators made in 2018.

Favorite Video Memes

Key and Peele Obama Meet and Greet Meme

Why you always lying video meme

Jennifer Gardner Clapping at the Oscars Meme

Banksy Shredded painting meme

They Did Surgery on a Grape Video Meme

“This is Fine” Meme from Adult Swim

Homer disappears into the Bushes

Spongebob Procrastinates on an Essay

Johny Johny Techno Remix

Elizabeth Gillies of Dynasty Walking

“What are Those?” Video Meme

Prince Harry Runs to a Helicopter Meme Maker

Man blinking meme

Crab Rave dancing meme

Thank u, next meme maker