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Motion uses machine learning to create stunning GIFs using geometric shapes. Get started below or see the code on Github.

More about Motion

Create beautiful geometric animations from your images
MOTION is an exploration of geometry, video, and machine learning. By using ML techniques, the tool generates shapes to fit the lines and colors of your image.
We wanted to create a tool that could make short looping videos from still images, and the abstract effect created by geomatric shapes has always been a source of inspiration. With a unique hill-climbing algorithm, we were able to convert still photographs into beautiful, moving GIFs.
About the options: Choose from a variety of shapes to create different outputs from a single image. Because there is a component of randomness, each output will be unique.
The project was inspired by Primitive as well as Geometrize. The stitching of frames into GIFs is made possible by FFMPEG and ImageMagick. For the full repo, check out the code on Github.

Sadly, creating a custom Motion is no longer available as of Feb 2020. Motion was a project launched in 2019 with the goal of making geometric animations from still images. You can see examples of the animations created on the Motion homepage as well as on the Product Hunt launch.

We're happy to have brought joyful Motions to thousands of visitors over the years. Thanks for visiting our site!

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