Kapwing was created to be simple and easy enough so that creators of all technical backgrounds can create and edit their own content. Although our platform is easy to use, it can take a little bit of getting used to the first few times, so don't give up! We have a bunch of resources you can check out to help you get your tasks done on Kapwing quicker.

Our YouTube Channel!

If you learn better with visual aids, or could use a live walk through tutorial for a specific task, check out our YouTube channel! You can find a bunch of video tutorials for many different tasks that can be done and features that can be found on Kapwing.

You can browse through all the tutorials we have on our channel, or you can search for a specific one using the magnifying glass.

Our Help Center!

If you work better with step by step instructions listed out for you, check out our Help Center articles! We have a bunch of tutorials on how to use Kapwing to create content with our features, along with articles or FAQs that answer general questions about our platform, workspaces, and projects.

You can navigate the Help Center using the sections: tutorials, workspaces and projects, FAQs, rules and policies, payments and accounts, and Kapwing EDU - or you can use the search bar to search for specific tutorials.

Our Resources Blog!

For more tutorials on how to accomplish specific tasks on social media; like how to create specific trending memes, viral videos, or popular Instagram challenges  - check out our Resources blog! While our Help Center helps walk you through how to use Kapwing, our blog helps you leverage Kapwing to create more specific projects.

Not only does our blog have tutorials, but it also has many other interesting blog posts written by our CEO about navigating start up culture and how Kapwing came to be.

If there are any tutorials that you want to see, but can't find on any of our platforms, please let us know! You can send your tutorial requests to [email protected].