Uploading to YouTube from Kapwing

Uploading to YouTube from Kapwing

So you've finished creating the best video ever on Kapwing! Now, how do you get that video uploaded to YouTube? Once you've finished creating your video on Kapwing, it's super simple to export, download, and upload your video onto YouTube.

From Kapwing:

1. Click the 'Export Video' button at the top right in the Kapwing Studio. This will lead to an Export menu popup. Adjust the export setting to your liking (pick resolution and compression level) and then select the "Export as ..." button. This will push the video to process.

2. Once your video has finished processing, you'll be redirected to the download page. From there, click 'Download file' at the top right above your export to save the final video to your device.

3. Next, go to YouTube, and sign into your account. Start uploading the video file to your YouTube channel by clicking the camera icon with the "+" sign on the top right of the page. Select "Upload Video".

4. Then drag and drop, or click to select your video file to upload, and fill out all of the information for your YouTube video.

Lastly, add your video description, thumbnail, select your visibility, and then set a publish time for your video. For my details on how to upload to YouTube, click here.

Looking for more help?

Check our Release Notes for tutorials on how to use the latest Kapwing features!

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