Creating Your Own Account

The first step to integrating Kapwing into your classroom is creating your own educator account. If you go to, you’ll see a sign in button in the top right corner of the home page. Clicking the button will prompt you to sign in with a Google or Facebook account, so you can sign in with an email associated with your school district.

Screenshot with green rectangle around the "Sign In" button on and an arrow pointing to the sign-in modal with options to sign in with a Google, Facebook, or email account.

You don’t need to sign in to use Kapwing, but signing in is free, and gives you an account with watermark-free content that is stored up to a week! All of your content is stored centrally in your Workspace.

Once you have your Kapwing account, you have access to a wide range of tools to help you create content for presentations, make shareable digital worksheets, and engaging, educational content.

Here are some example articles demonstrating how Kapwing can help you create content to share with your students:

Creating Your First Project

The Kapwing Studio is the best place to start with a new project. You can start by uploading a file from your computer, pasting a link from a website, or choosing a blank canvas. Studio allows you to create an image, or add a scene on the left hand side of the page to turn your content into a video! We recommend taking some time and explore the different features and reading our Getting Started with the Kapwing Studio help article to learn more about Studio and prepare to introduce it into your classroom.

Helping Students Create Their Own Accounts

Once you’ve created your own account, helping students set up theirs is very simple! They can follow the same steps and sign in with a Google account that’s associated with their school. With this integration, students don’t need to provide any additional information, and they can start creating content in seconds. Once they’ve done this, they will have access to all of Kapwing’s tools as well as a workspace to store all of their content. Additionally, if they create an account with their school email, their content will be accessible to their school district and teachers if necessary.

Kapwing Tools

Kapwing has tons of tools for video and image editing. The best part about Kapwing is the autonomy it gives creators to imagine new ways to use each and every tool! To help you get started, we’ve highlighted three powerful tools and the ways they could be useful to a teacher or student in the classroom.

Studio: The Kapwing Studio is a home base for content creation. A student can upload multiple photos and videos, shapes, text, and even audio. Another great feature of Studio is image search, which allows you to search Google for an image and add it to your creation without having to visit Google or other pages.

Link Sharing: This feature allows you to share a Kapwing creation with anyone, even if they don’t have an account. In a classroom, we think this has the potential to be useful in a few different ways:

  • Creating a template to share with the entire class. Once you create and publish something, you’ll be able to download, edit, make a copy, or create a shareable link. An example of this could be creating a sheet for students in a biology class to practice labeling bones. All you have to do is create one version of your worksheet and send the shareable link to the class, where they can make a copy and edit for themselves.
  • Submitting Work. Students can also use this sharing link as a way to submit an assignment when they are done. By collecting these links, a teacher can review all of the work their students have done in one place.
  • Collaboration among students. If students are working on a project or assignment together, they can use the sharing links to easily send drafts and updates back and forth. Most other video editing tools need you to download your project before sending it anywhere, and it’s impossible for someone else to edit it on another device once this has been done. However, link sharing with Kapwing allows easy editing so students can be more collaborative!

Resources: Kapwing has an entire resources section on our website that is constantly being added to and updated. There’s even an entire Education Page filled with lesson inspirations, tutorials, and classroom content. Using the resources section is a great way to get ideas for a lesson plan or learn more about how to use a specific tool in Kapwing for the classroom.

Here are some lesson inspirations you can use to help students get started with Kapwing:

If you have any other questions about Kapwing in the classroom, check out our help center, or visit our contact page.