How to use Dubbing/Voice Cloning on Kapwing

How to use Dubbing/Voice Cloning on Kapwing

There are lots of reasons you might have a video recorded in one language but need to export it with a different one. The internationalization of content is no surprise in today's digital era. Here is how to use dubbing on Kapwing.

How to Dub your Kapwing video project:

  1. Upload your video(s)
  2. Click the "Subtitle" tab on the left side
  3. Click the "Dub Video" option. Note that you can unselect the "assets to dub" that you don't want to dub if you uploaded many videos and only want to dub some of them.
  4. Select the "original language" of the video and what you want to translate the audio and subtitles to. Note that you cannot translate videos of different original languages at once.
  5. Select the voice you want for the dubbing (custom voices are only available for Business & Enterprise Workspaces).
  6. You can select the number of speakers or leave it to autodetect.
  7. Process the subtitles/dubbing

If you need to edit the subtitles, once you edit them in the subtitle tab, you will see a blue button available that says "Update dubbed audio". Click this to ensure the audio is accurate and updated.


Can I dub only part of the transcript?
No, we will dub the entire transcript - unless the user splits their clip and only selects a portion of it to be dubbed.

If I have to edit part of the dubbing, does the whole video count toward my limits?
If you edit the subtitles and need to "regenerate" the dubbing, only the changed sections will count. (I.E. A 10 minute video with 10 words updated would count as a minute of dubbing.)

Can I dub for multiple speakers?
No, at this time we only offer dubbing for one voice.

Could I preserve the original background noise or laughing?
No. When you dub, we remove all the original audio and replace it with just the forefront audio that has been dubbed.

Can I make apply lip syncing for dubbing?
To learn how to make the dubbing match the speaker's mouth with lip syncing, be sure to check out this help center article here.