About this blog


We’re Eric Lu and Julia Enthoven, the 24-year-old web developers from San Francisco who made Kapwing. This blog is here to document our journey with Kapwing, as we try go grow this little website into a big company. We’ll write tutorials and our own opinions along the way. Follow along!

Kapwing from Calvin and Hobbes

Why the name “Kapwing”?

The name was inspired by Bill Watterson, the artist behind the Calvin and Hobbes comic. Watterson invented the word kapwing for the sound of something ricocheting, like the sound of a bullet hitting metal. We picked Kapwing because, in a way, cartoonists like Watterson are the fathers of the meme - they made funny clips by mixing with images and text. A video meme is a Kapwinging piece of content; it starts as one thing and ricochets into another without losing speed.

Want more?

Check out the main product, our online video editor, at https://www.kapwing.com.