Kapwing's Timeline feature just got a major upgrade! It is now much easier to adjust the duration and appearance time of the layers in each scene of your video.

How do I shorten the duration of my layer?

To shorten the duration of any image or text layer in your video, hover over the beginning or ending of the layer duration until you see the purple tab, and then click and drag to your desired duration.

How do I trim my video layer using Timeline?

You can trim the beginning or end sections of your video layer(s) the same way you would trim or shorten the duration of any other layer. Just hover until you see the purple tab, click and drag to your desired duration.

How do I control when my layer appears in the video?

Once you've trimmed your layers, you can click and drag the shortened layer left or right on the shortened track to control when the layer will appear or disappear in relation to other layers in your video.

Do I edit my entire video in the Timeline?

No - each scene has it's own timeline. So if you have multiple scenes in your video, then you will not be able to edit the entire video in the timeline at once.

If you have a video with a single scene and multiple layers, it is possible to edit your entire video in the timeline. (This would be ideal for creating your own short GIF with layers appearing at different times.) However, I would not recommend creating a large video project in a single scene with a large amount of layers, as the Kapwing Kittens are currently not able to process videos with scenes that have over 10 layers successfully - especially if the layers are multiple video and image layers.

My image is exporting as a video - how do I fix this?

When you're in the project editor, you can go to the Timeline view to check on your project's duration:

Once you're in the Timeline editor, you may notice that your scene has a duration set instead of 0s (for an image). This means that your project will publish as a video. To change it, simply click on 0s to set the duration for an image.

Do you have a video tutorial for this?

YES! Check out our YouTube tutorial for the new timeline here: