Kapwing's Timeline feature just got a major upgrade! It is now much easier to adjust the duration and appearance time of the layers in each scene of your video.

How do I trim the duration of my layer?

To trim or shorten the duration of any video, image, audio or text layer in your video, you can grab the start or end handlers (white lines) at the beginning or end of your asset's track in the Timeline view. Simply drag it to the start or end time that you'd prefer to trim it.

User clicks and drags each end of a layer in the Timeline to shorten the clip. The video is of a dog wearing goggles and a Hawaiian shirt.

You can also trim your video with one of our preview modals found in the Media Library and in the edit sidebar.

On Kapwing, you have the ability to preview videos in the Media Sidebar before adding them to the Timeline. In the Preview experience, you can play the video with sound, seek to desired areas, and selectively trim to add specific segments of the video to the Timeline.

Check it out by clicking on the "Preview" button located in the top right corner of your asset's thumbnail in the Media Sidebar.

To trim you video in this modal, you can click and drag either end of the clip or enter a specific time into the Start and End boxes. Click "Trim and Add to Timeline" to finalize your selection.

You also have the option to trim your video in the Trim Video modal located in the Edit Sidebar. Similar to the Preview Video experience, the Trim Video feature will allow you to view and trim your clip in a special window.

Navigate to the Edit Sidebar and then click on the "Trim" button within the "Video" section to open this tool. Within the Trim Video experience, you can trim your clip by dragging either end of the clip or by entering your desired timestamps in the "Start" and "End" Timing boxes. Click "Trim" to finalize your edits.

How can I cut sections out of my video?

To cut out sections of your video, drag the white seeker to the beginning of the section that you want to cut, click the "Split" button at the top of the Timeline - you can also click the "S" on your keyboard or right click and select "Split" from the dropdown menu.

User drags the seeker to the middle of the clip and clicks the Split button, then brings the seeker farther right and right clicks on the clip to select the "Split" option.

Do the same to the end of the section that you want to delete, and then right click and select "Ripple Delete" if you do not want a gap between the two remaining sections:

User right clicks the middle layer and selects "Ripple Delete".

Click "Delete" if you want to keep the gap between the two sections. If you decide you would like to delete the blank space in your project, you can select it and click "Delete" on your keyboard or click the "Delete" button on the right-hand side of the editor:

User selects the middle layer and clicks Delete on their keyboard. The middle section disappears. Then, the user clicks on the blank space between the two layers and clicks the Delete button on the right-hand side of the editor.

You can also toggle on "Ripple Mode" to automatically remove the blank space between layers:

User toggles Ripple Mode on by clicking the Ripple Mode icon which is a line with two triangles on either side. Then, the user selects the middle layer and clicks Delete on their keyboard.

How do I control when my layer appears in the video?

You can click and drag any layer left or right on the Timeline track to control when the layer will appear or disappear in relation to other layers in your video.

User shortens an emoji layer and drags it left along the Timeline then plays back the video of the dog and emoji.

Do I edit my entire video in the Timeline?

Yes!  You can upload all of your videos, images, and audios into a single scene to edit or create your entire video using the Timeline view.

We do provide the option to add separate scenes. You can add a Scene by opening the Scenes tab on the left-hand side of the Editor and clicking "Add Scene":

User clicks on Scenes tab and clicks Add Scene. A blank Scene appears.

Each Scene has its own timeline. So, if you have multiple scenes in your video, then you will not be able to edit the entire video in the Timeline at once.

My image is exporting as a video - how do I fix this?

If your image layer has duration added and is a video, but you want to export it as an image, you can click the drop down carrot next to "Export Video" to select "Export as Image". Select the frame with the image you want to export, and click "Export Image".

User clicks the down arrow next to the export video button, selects a frame, and clicks Export Image.

Looking for more help?

Check our Release Notes for tutorials on how to use the latest Kapwing features!