Because Kapwing is so accessible, it can be used by very young children to empower creativity, expression, and collaborative learning. With Kapwing, kids can learn modern digital media skills within a simple interface, making images, GIFs, and videos to share with family and friends.

Kapwing is not designed for children, but because it's designed for any casual creator online there are thousands of young people who use the site every day to create multimedia. If children start projects from scratch or upload their own media clips from home, they can publish the projects, download them, and share them with others.

This FAQ helps parents and teachers understand how to help their children or students use Kapwing in a safe, age-appropriate way.

Is Kapwing age appropriate?

Unlike most online editing websites, Kapwing does not show any spammy ads or suggest "related content." Kapwing creators cannot interact with strangers on the website. As a result, Kapwing is an age-appropriate option even for young children.

The only sensitive tool is Kapwing's Image Search tool. If a user clicks "Images", they can type in any query and get image results for that query from the open web. Kapwing's Image Search is powered by Google Image Search with the SafeSearch filter turned ON. Although we use Google's standard SafeSearch, parents should note that kids can still see some results for certain inappropriate queries. If you're concerned about this access to open Image Search, steer your kids or students away from the "image search" feature or do not use Kapwing.

Is Kapwing COPPA compliant?

Kapwing is COPPA compliant. Anyone can use our free tools without signing in or giving Kapwing access to personal information. Kapwing does not store any data about anonymous users. If you're a teacher or parent who is concerned about your children having saved data online, encourage your students or kids to use Kapwing without signing in.

Users who sign in can subscribe, remove the watermark, and get a more personalized Kapwing experience. Children cannot create accounts unless they have an account that is authorized and delegated by their parents and/or school through Google or Facebook. If your child has a delegated Google or Facebook account and uses it to sign in to Kapwing, parents can review and delete their children's data by signing in with their child's credentials on Kapwing.