We recently released a feature that allows multiple audio files to be uploaded to a video project on Kapwing! You can now add audio layers to each scene in your project.

To do this, select the scene that you would like to add your audio to, and then navigate to the "Timeline" tab.

Once in the Timeline editor, click the "upload" option in the upper left corner, and select the audio file that you would like to upload for that scene.

When your audio file uploads completely, you will see an audio track in the Timeline editor of the scene. To adjust the duration of the audio clip, you can over over the ends of the track until you see a purple square, and then you can click and drag to your desired length. To adjust when the audio begins in the video, you can click and drag the track left or right.

Global Audio vs Scene Audio

"Global Audio" refers to our "Add Audio" feature, where the audio file you add would play throughout the entire project. However, this new feature allows for multiple audios to be added to a single project, but the audios are separated in each scene. So, "Scene Audio" refers to the uploaded audio track playing only through a single scene as opposed to the entire video

What if my scenes are all images, but I still want multiple audio?

A lot of users use Kapwing to create image slideshows and would like to use multiple audio for when the slideshow lasts longer than the duration of one audio file. The best way to accomplish this for now is to split the slideshow and create separate projects, publish the separate sections, and then merge them back into a single project and add audio to the different scenes.